We Automate Your Business

Manage all of your payments and card fees through your accounting system

With the Gebyrmatch add-on solution by IEX, all of your payments and carf fees are automatically processed into your accounting system. This provides a realistic overview of the entirety of your fees and transactions.


Aquiring by Payment

When a payment has gone through your webshop/store, your aquirer will cash out the amount in total, including card fees


Payout to your system

GebyrMatch automatically transfers payouts and card fees to your accounting system


Simple Accounting

Payouts and card fees are all managed through your accounting system, with one click

Choose your Aquirer

IEX provides you with complete control with your integration

With the IEX dashboard, you have the flexibility to improve your workflow and make work easier

The benefits of using IEX

IEX integrations are developed on a foundation of immense knowledge and experience in regards to webshops, accounting, POS and inventory systems.

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