Integration to your acquirer

Paymatch is an extension to an integration between webshop and accounting system. The solution matches invoices from sales to the corresponding payouts and fees from your acquirer to ease your bank reconciliation.

Reconcile payouts in your accounting system

Paymatch imports your payout reports for card payments into your accounting system. Payouts and card fees are matched with invoices for your webshop sales, so everything is prepared for you to finish your bank reconciliation.

Realistic overview

You have a full overview of which invoices you have received payouts for, and whether the payout and fee is matched and booked.

Payouts and fees

Payouts and fees are handled through separate accounts, so income and expenses are booked separately while taking fee differences into account.

Compatible accounting systems

Extend the integration between webshop and accounting system

The Paymatch extension is used to match your payouts from your acquirer with your sales from the webshop. The creation and booking of invoices for webshop sales is handled through the webshop integration. Paymatch is an integration for your acquirer, that imports the payout report and posts lines for card payments and fees in your accounting system. Payouts are matched with the corresponding invoices, to ease your bank reconciliation tasks.

Automatic booking of invoices

The integration between your webshop and accounting system creates and books the invoice. Also a payment is registered for the invoice.

Match invoices with payouts

The payout report from your acquirer is imported into the accounting system. Payouts and fees are matched with invoice payments.

Bank reconciliation

Your payout postings are now prepared to be reviewed and approved to reconcile with the bank. Differences are handled through an error account.

Validated invoices and reconciliations

When posting your invoices, the systems ensure that the amounts match between the order in your webshop and the invoice created in your accounting system. When your payouts are matched with the order, it is ensured that the amounts match. If the numbers do not match, the amount is handled via an error account, so you always have an overview of irregularities.

Why choose IEX?

Integrations have previously been very costly and exclusive to large companies. The IEX platform delivers advanced integration functionality to small and medium businesses to automate your challenging business tasks.

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Secure and reliable platform

Your data is securely handled through an encryption connection.

Kæmpe fan! Leverer hver gang – både på produkt og service! IEX leverer både produkt og service i særklasse. Er altid klar til at hjælpe med at finde rette løsning mht. integrering fra kassesystem, webshop og økonomisystem. Kæmpe fan herfra!

Mikkel Randrup Rasmussen

Online konsulent,

IEX sparer tid og penge for mig. Jeg bruger IEX Integration til overførsel af ordrer og produkter fra webshop til regnskabsprogram. Det arbejde er jeg rigtig glad for at kunne automatisere. De gange jeg har haft brug for support er problemerne blevet løst hurtigt og grundigt. Det virker som et stabilt system, hvor der er styr på tingene.

Thomas Krogh