Integration to DdD

An automatic integration between DdD and your webshop ensures, that your stock and products are always in sync. Sales and stock amounts are regularly updated between your webshop and POS system, minimising the risk of selling the same product in both webshop and the physical store at the same time.
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Automatic synchronisation for DdD

Optimise your daily workflow and maintenance of your sales in your webshop and physical store by integrating your DdD point of sale to your webshop. Your orders, products, and stock amounts are automatically synchronised between the two systems, saving you a lot of time and effort.


Orders are transferred from webshop to the POS to create a sale or stock transaction.


Newly created or updated products are transferred from one system to the other.

Stock amounts

Synchronise stock amounts in regular short intervals to avoid selling sold out products.

Connect DdD to your webshop​

Synchronise your DdD cash register with your webshop

Fetch products from your Point of Sale (POS) to create or update products in your webshop. The POS system is set as master for the webshop stock. Webshop orders are sent to the POS to withdraw from the stock.

How does it work?
When products are sold in your physical store the stock amounts are automatically adjusted in your webshop. Orders coming through the webshop also withdraws from the stock amount in the POS to minimise the risk of selling the same product both places at the same time. When a product is created or updated in the cash register / point of sale, this change will automatically apply in the webshop.

ordre Orders

When the webshop order reaches a given state it is automatically transferred to the POS system. Here a sale or stock transaction is created depending on the possibilities in the POS system.

salg Products

Products are typically transferred from POS to webshop. Settings for how products are transferred and updated are set up to your needs. Some POS systems support transferring products from webshop to POS.

lager Stock

POS is master of stock. Stock changes in the POS overwrites stock amounts in the webshop. Webshop orders draw from the stock in the POS. By default stock is updated every 5th minute.

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Available flows for DdD

In this setup the POS system is master for products and stock.

Flow 1a

POS is master for stock and products in the webshop

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You can add one or more DdD-connections at EUR 34 per month, for each DdD.
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The integration is set up by IEX technicians

This integration requires setup by an IEX technician. A secure form will open up after ordering, where you can assign the necessary access and optionally write a comment on the order. Then you will be contacted by a technician as soon as possible, to plan the process from there.

Frequently asked questions to the DdD-integration

How are products, SKU and categories handled between webshop and POS?

How the integration handles the sorting of products in categories, and how SKU’s are handled between your webshop and Point of Sale is coordinated with the IEX technician, that sets up the integration. The technician will help to clarify what is possible for your specific setup with the selected combination of systems.

How is the connection established, and do I get a discount on the API key at DdD?

The connection is established with an API key, through which all data to and from DdD is transferred. The key has to be ordered directly at DdD, and the price for the key is not covered through the setup costs or subscription at IEX.

With a DdD integration from IEX, you get a discount on the API access for DdD. The normal price for the key is DKK 9.900 for new customers, but as an IEX customer your price is DKK 4.900.

Knowledge base

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Why choose IEX?

Integrations have previously been very costly and exclusive to large companies. The IEX platform delivers advanced integration functionality to small and medium businesses to automate your challenging business tasks.

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Huge fan! Delivers every time – both on product and service! IEX delivers both product and service in a class of its own. Are always ready to help find the right solution regarding integration from POS, webshop and accountingsystems. I am a huge fan!

Mikkel Randrup Rasmussen

Online consultant,

IEX saves time and money for me. I use IEX Integration to transfer orders and products from webshop to accounting. I am happy that type of work can be automated. The times I have used their the support, the issues have been solved quick and thoroughly. It seems like a stable system, where everything is under control.

Thomas Krogh