Become an IEX partner

Get a deal with great benefits by becoming an IEX reseller or affiliate partner. We always seek to build good partnerships where we have an open dialogue about the service provided and the benefits for both parties.

Offer a 360 degree service with a reseller agreement

If you want to offer a complete package of services to your customers, including an integrated solution for the platform you are an expert in, you can become an IEX reseller and gain many benefits. With a reseller agreement, you take care of the entire customer relationship, i.e. you take care of ordering, support and invoicing for the customer.


As a reseller, you can always get 2nd line support from IEX if you cannot find answers in the knowledge base. You will be billed by IEX and receive a percentage of the subscription based on the current agreement. You choose how you want to charge your customer.

Offer a 360 degree service

You can offer flexible integration as part of the service your customer buys from you.

You manage the dialogue with the customer

As a reseller, the entire customer relationship goes through you. You handle all communication and billing, but can always get 2nd line support from IEX.

Subscription benefits

As a reseller, you get a discount on the subscription price, which applies to all renewals.

Get a kickback on referrals with a affiliate agreement

An affiliate agreement is ideal for small websites, social media profiles and others that share content targeted at small and medium-sized businesses. With an affiliate agreement, you receive a commission every time you refer a customer to IEX. Refer a customer to us and receive a percentage kickback of up to 10% of the integration fee at each renewal.

Refer customers

You advertise the integration and create referrals.

IEX handles customer relations

IEX takes care of all contact and invoicing of the customer.

Receive kickback

You will receive a cash payment for the referral.

Apply for a partner agreement

We try to respond as quickly as possible, but longer response times may occur during busy periods.