Terms and Process Ordering a technician setup


How to order Technician setup

You order technician setup when ordering the integration by ticking the “Select technician setup” checkbox when ordering a new integration. If you have an existing integration, you can always have an IEX technician complete your setup by clicking “Order setup” when logged in.

After ordering: The setup process

When ordering a setup, IEX handles the full setup and testing of the integration.

For the setup, we will request the necessary access to your systems to be able to handle the configuration. We set up a standard configuration based on best practice experience. On our product pages for your chosen systems, you will find descriptions of how the combination is typically set up.

Once the integration is set up, we will test a transfer and you will be asked to approve the transfer to ensure the result is satisfactory.

During setup, IEX configures the integration itself, but if problems arise due to inadequate setup of your systems, you are responsible for making the necessary adjustments to your systems.

As far as possible, communication about the setup will be in writing to ensure that all your questions are answered in full.

Find your estimated Delivery time

When ordering, you will find an indicative delivery date. If we do not receive the required information on the day of order, the amount of days until we receive the information will be added to the delivery estimate.

The setup does not affect the operation of your systems and you can continue to use your systems during the ongoing setup.


Experienced technicians

Your integration setup is handled by knowledgeable experts who have in-depth knowledge of the systems.

Best practice

You get an integration that complies with general standards for good data management, providing a clear overview.

A successful start

We won't close the process until your integration is fully tested and you have approved a satisfactory result.

The Process for Invoicing

Invoicing is done in two installments for ordering and delivery. When ordering, the first part of the setup is invoiced. The setup does not begin until the first part has been paid. Upon delivery, the second part is invoiced and the subscription is initiated.

Advanced customizations Quote for customizations

The setup price covers all setups that can be made with the settings and customization options available in the platform. If there are functionalities that require special customizations, technicians will inform you of this and provide an additional quote for the setup. The quote must be confirmed or rejected in writing before proceeding.

Special customizations can typically be solved via the IEX mapping tool, which is an extension to the subscription.

Tips and advice For an effective process

For an efficient integration setup process, your systems must be set up and functional.

If you have an ongoing configuration in your systems, or if your systems are in a test environment, it is important that you inform the technician so that the process can be agreed upon.

Here are examples of typical pitfalls that can delay our delivery:

  • Missing item number/SKU in webshop
  • Failure to set up VAT calculation in webshop

In these cases, we will point out which adjustments need to be made in your systems.

If you have any special requests for the setup, please let us know as early as possible so that we can accommodate them before the test phase begins.

terms and conditions Not everything is possible

We can deliver the majority of meaningful setups for integrations between your systems. However, there may be cases where we choose not to offer the desired configuration. These are situations where configurations are requested that bypass common practices to an extent where, based on our experience, we know it will cause issues, making it impossible to guarantee stable operation.

Our platform is subject to the systems’ own internal rules and in some cases, configurations are requested that are not technically possible, which is why we may have to decline to handle the configuration.