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Frequently asked questions

Can I upgrade or downgrade my subscription?

Yes, you can always upgrade and downgrade your subscription. Upgrading can be done with immediate effect through the platform, and downgrading can be done by contacting IEX with effect on the first renewal after the end of the current period.

How are Shopify integrations invoiced?

Shopify integrations that are ordered after October 1st 2022 are partially billed through Shopify. The calculated price above contains the total price, including the partial payment through Shopify.

Learn more

Billing of Shopify integrations

The calculated price that is shown is the total price including the payment through Shopify.

Your Shopify integration subscription consist of the following:

The subscription plan – billed by IEX: Controls the subscription period, which functionalities are included and the usage limits for how much that can be transferred per month for the entire integration.

The Shopify modulebilled through Shopify: The modules are the connectors that are used to integrate to your systems. For each Shopify module (1 per Shopify app install) $7 are billed through Shopify.

Other modulesbilled by IEX: Each module has its own price, since they have difference operation and service costs. 

Add-ons – billed by IEX: Extends your integration with extra features.

Subscription plan (Billed by IEX)

Controls the period, usage limits and accessibility of functionalities.

Shopify module ($7 billed through Shopify)

The connector used to handle settings for the data transfer

Module (Billed by IEX)

The connector used to handle settings for the data transfer

Optional other modules (Billed by IEX or Shopify)

Prices vary for each module. Shopify modules are billed through Shopify.

Optional add-ons (Billed by IEX)

Extend the functionality of your integration with add-ons.

Does overuse stop integration?

No, the integration continues to transfer data even if you reach your limit. In case of overuse, you will be offered to buy additional orders or upgrade the subscription.

Is there a binding period on the subscription?

No, you are not committed to your IEX subscription. However, a prepaid period is non-refundable, so in case of termination during an ongoing period, you will be able to use the integration until the end of the prepaid period.

Can I set up the integration myself?

You can set up most integrations yourself, for which a 14-day trial period is offered. Or you can purchase setup from IEX. Some systems require setup by IEX. It will be indicated at the time of ordering if configuration is required.

What if I run into a problem I can't solve?

Support is included at all subscription levels. You can always contact IEX support for help. If you don’t want to do the setup yourself, you can always order a full setup of the integration from IEX.

Is the subscription price for my integrated systems included in the IEX subscription?

No, the subscription only covers the service provided by IEX. The subscription price for the integrated systems is not included in the IEX subscription. Any charges for additional services, such as access to API and storage functionalities, charged by the system partner are also not covered by the IEX subscription.

What happens if I go over the order limit?

If you sometimes go over your expected sales figures and the limit on the number of transfers included in your subscription, you can always buy more transfers. The integration will not be stopped, you will simply receive an email stating that you have exceeded the cap, in which you will be offered additional purchases. You can always top up additional orders in the IEX dashboard at an attractive price.

What does it cost to add an extra system?

If you wish to extend your integration, you can sign in to IEX to add one or more extra systems.

If the system requires setup by IEX technicians, we will send a quote before proceeding.

WebshopPrice per month
DanDomain ClassicEUR 14,00
DanDomain WebshopEUR 7,00
GoldenPlanetEUR 14,00
MagentoEUR 14,00
Magento 2EUR 14,00
PrestashopEUR 7,00
SalectoEUR 20,00
Salecto 2EUR 20,00
ScannetEUR 7,00
ShopifyEUR 7,00
SmartwebEUR 7,00
thirty beesEUR 7,00
WannafindEUR 7,00
WooCommerceEUR 7,00
AccountingPrice per month
Beierholm BejourEUR 27,00
BillyEUR 7,00
DineroEUR 7,00
MenetoEUR 7,00
TripletexEUR 14,00
UnicontaEUR 27,00
Visma eAccountingEUR 14,00
Visma e-conomicEUR 14,00
Visma.netEUR 54,00
POSPrice per month
DdDEUR 34,00
EasyPOSEUR 20,00
FlexPOSEUR 20,00
ScanPOSEUR 20,00
ZettleEUR 14,00
WarehousePrice per month
AckroEUR 20,00
AlpiEUR 20,00
Blue Water ShippingEUR 20,00
DSV / PrimeCargoEUR 27,00
LemanEUR 27,00
LogiSnap WarehouzeEUR 20,00
MilcomEUR 20,00
OngoingEUR 27,00
PostnordEUR 20,00
RackbeatEUR 20,00
Subscription systemPrice per month
ChargebeeEUR 14,00
Billwerk+EUR 14,00
AcquirerPrice per month
ClearhausEUR 7,00
MyNetsEUR 7,00
Nets EasyEUR 7,00
StripeEUR 7,00
Shopify PaymentsEUR 7,00
File integrationPrice per month
FTP-moduleEUR 14,00
FTP-serviceEUR 14,00
CSV-moduleEUR 27,00
XML-moduleEUR 27,00




Warehouse management

Subscription system


File integration

WebshopPrice per monthSetup
DanDomain ClassicEUR 7,00 per monthRequired setup: EUR 100,00
DanDomain WebshopEUR 7,00 per monthSetup (optional): EUR 100,00
GoldenPlanetEUR 7,00 per month​Required setup: EUR 230,00​
MagentoEUR 7,00 per month​​Required setup: EUR 100,00​
Magento 2EUR 7,00 per month​​​Setup (optional): EUR 100,00​
PrestashopEUR 7,00 per month​​​Setup (optional): EUR 100,00​​
SalectoEUR 14,00 per month​​​​Required setup: EUR 100,00​
Salecto 2EUR 14,00 per month​​​​​Setup (optional): EUR 100,00​​​
ScannetEUR 7,00 per month​​​​Setup (optional): EUR 100,00​​​​
ShopifyEUR 7,00 per month​​​​​Setup (optional): EUR 100,00​​​​​
SmartwebEUR 7,00 per month​​​​​​Setup (optional): EUR 100,00​​​​​​
WannafindEUR 7,00 per month​​​​​​Setup (optional): EUR 100,00​​​​​​​
WooCommerceEUR 7,00 per month​​​​​​​Setup (optional): EUR 100,00​​​​​​​​
Accounting systemPrice per monthSetup
Beierholm BejourEUR 27,00 per month​Required setup: EUR 300,00​
BillyEUR 7,00 per month​​Setup (optional): EUR 100,00​​​​​​​​​
DineroEUR 7,00 per month​​Setup (optional): EUR 100,00​​​​​​​​​
MenetoEUR 7,00 per month​​Setup (optional): EUR 100,00​​​​​​​​​
UnicontaEUR 27,00 per month​​Required setup: EUR 300,00​​
Visma eAccountingEUR 14,00 per month​​Required setup: EUR 100,00​​
Visma e-conomicEUR 14,00 per month​​Setup (optional): EUR 100,00​​​​​​​​​
POSPrice per monthSetup
DdDEUR 27,00 per monthRequired setup: EUR 572,00
EasyPOSEUR 27,00 per month​Required setup: EUR 572,00​
FlexPOSEUR 17,00 per month​​Required setup: EUR 300,00​​
POS ONEEUR 17,00 per month​​​Required setup: EUR 300,00​​​
ScanPOSEUR 17,00 per month​​​Required setup: EUR 572,00​​​
StockPrice per monthSetup
AckroEUR 17,00 per monthRequired setup: EUR 572,00
Blue Water ShippingEUR 17,00 per monthRequired setup: EUR 572,00​
DSV / PrimeCargoEUR 27,00 per monthRequired setup: EUR 841,00​
LemanEUR 27,00 per monthRequired setup: EUR 841,00​
MilcomEUR 17,00 per monthRequired setup: EUR 572,00​
PostnordEUR 17,00 per monthRequired setup: EUR 572,00​
WarehouzeEUR 17,00 per monthRequired setup: EUR 100,00​
SubscriptionPrice per monthSetup
ChargebeeEUR 14,00 per monthSetup (optional): EUR 100,00
Billwerk+EUR 7,00 per monthSetup (optional): EUR 100,00​
AcquirerPrice per monthSetup
ClearhausEUR 34,00 per monthRequired setup: EUR 100,00
MyNetsEUR 34,00 per month​Required setup: EUR 100,00​
Nets EasyEUR 34,00 per month​Required setup: EUR 100,00​
File-importPrice per monthSetup
FTP-modulEUR 14,00 per monthRequired setup. Contact IEX for an offer.
FTP-serviceEUR 14,00 per monthRequired setup. Contact IEX for an offer.
CSV-modulEUR 27,00 per monthRequired setup. Contact IEX for an offer.
XML-modulEUR 27,00 per monthRequired setup. Contact IEX for an offer.


Accounting system






Price list for extra services

Prices are indicative and subject to change, if you’ve received a different quote for the same service from an IEX employee.

Extra supportEUR 100 per started half hourUsed on billable acute support, recurring support contact regarding the same question, errors that are not caused by IEX, or errors that haven't been corrected according to the support team's guidance.
Setup of mappingsFrom EUR 140
Runthrough of integrationEUR 140 per started hour
DevelopmentCall for price
Consulting meetingEUR 340 per started hour By appointment only. Primarily online meetings.