Integration to your webshop

Fully automated data transfer between your webshop and your accounting, point of sale (POS) or warehouse management system.

Connect your webshop to your accounting system

Automatically transfer sales from your e-commerce to create an invoice or order in your accounts. You can control whether a draft is created or the bookkeeping is done automatically.

Fully automated integration

You can manage all settings for creating and updating orders, invoices, creditsnotes, customers, products, etc.

Total solution

The integration facilitates all the work associated with accounting for sales from your e-commerce store, including managing customers, products and crediting invoices.


Create and book invoices

Your orders are automatically created as invoices, invoice draft or orders in the accounting system. You can control the settings for this, as well as set up automatic registration of payment, sending invoice mail and more.


Synchronise customers

Your webshop customers are automatically created and synchronised in the accounting system You can customise exactly how your customers are handled, which field the customers are identified in and how B2C, B2B and EAN customers are handled.


Transfer products

Your products can automatically be created and updated in the accounting system. Here you can customise how the creation and update of products should be done. Products are matched by SKU.


Stock management

If there is stock functionality in the accounting system, the integration can be set up to download stock data to the webshop with the accounting system as master. Sales from the webshop are automatically deducted from the inventory in the accounting system.


Create credit notes

Booked invoices are automatically credited if the order is marked as credited/refunded in the webshop.

Connect your webshop to your Point of Sale (POS)

Do you run a webshop and sell the same products in a physical store? Integrate it with your point of sale (POS) so your inventory will always be will always be up-to-date 

Transfer orders

Your sales from the webshop are transferred to the cash register and the sold products are deducted from the stock.

Transfer stock quantity

When a product is sold in the physical shop, a new stock status is sent to the webshop.

Transfer products

When creating products in the cash register they will automatically be created in the webshop.

Synchronisation every 5 minutes

Fast updates minimise the risk of the same product being sold simultaneously in the webshop and store.

Integration between webshop and warehouse management systems

The integration makes sure that your webshop automatically is connected to your inventory management systems. New orders are sent to the warehouse management systems, and when they are packed and shipped, the order status is updated in the webshop. This makes your work easier and reduces the risk of orders being mishandled.

Order data

At an order stage of your choice, the order is sent to the warehouse management systems. Here, the order is created with all the product lines, ready to be handled.

Stock status

When a product is added to the inventory management system, the amount is automatically updated in the webshop. Webshop orders are deducted from the number in stock.

Fulfillment status

After shipping, the order stage is updated in the webshop. The order can now be completed, for example by automatic invoice creation in accounting system.

Secure integration to your webshop

The system ensures that the sums are correct in the transfer between the systems, and a log is kept of all data received and transferred. Should an error be found, the notification system will alert you and you can control how often and where you receive your notifications.

Why choose IEX?

Integrations have previously been very costly and exclusive to large companies. The IEX platform delivers advanced integration functionality to small and medium businesses to automate your challenging business tasks.

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Easy to install

You are guided through the setup in easy-to-use platform.

Support included

All subscription tiers include support.

Secure and reliable platform

Your data is securely handled through an encryption connection.

Kæmpe fan! Leverer hver gang – både på produkt og service! IEX leverer både produkt og service i særklasse. Er altid klar til at hjælpe med at finde rette løsning mht. integrering fra kassesystem, webshop og økonomisystem. Kæmpe fan herfra!

Mikkel Randrup Rasmussen

Online konsulent,

IEX sparer tid og penge for mig. Jeg bruger IEX Integration til overførsel af ordrer og produkter fra webshop til regnskabsprogram. Det arbejde er jeg rigtig glad for at kunne automatisere. De gange jeg har haft brug for support er problemerne blevet løst hurtigt og grundigt. Det virker som et stabilt system, hvor der er styr på tingene.

Thomas Krogh