IEX version 3 offers more powerful functionality and many new features compared to version 2. IEX version 3 will be the platform on which new features are developed and the compatibility of the systems is maintained. The subscription price remains the same on version 3.

How does the upgrade to IEX v3 work?

IEX v3 is a completely separate platform from IEX v2, and therefore the upgrade cannot be done automatically. Your user, as well as the setup of the integration, must be manually migrated to the new platform.

To estimate the upgrade to IEX v3, an IEX technician will review your setup on v2 and estimate a price for the work. The quoted price will be for the full work and include any additional setups that are similar to IEX v2.

Order upgrade to IEX version 3

From: EUR 64.
If you have previously received a custom setup, the price may differ and you will receive an offer before the upgrade is started.

Benefits of IEX version 3

A selection of features offered on IEX version 3. Functionalities vary between systems and system categories.

Transfer credit notes

Transfer of credit notes, refunds and return orders. There might be exceptions to this on specific systems.

Payment registration

Powerful payment registration tools. Set default payment term or register payment by method.

Full log

A full log of all data handled through IEX gives you the complete overview and is a powerful tool for troubleshooting.

Optimised customer match

Powerful optimised functionalities to handle the transfer of orders/invoices and how customers should be synchronised.

Notification system

Set up a notification report that reports errors, overuse and more on a daily or weekly basis, directly to your email.

Use OSS for EU VAT

Use the relevant VAT rates for EU countries with One Stop Shop functionality to enter the correct VAT in the accounts.

Validation of totals

Correct data transfer is ensured by validating the totals on the invoice against the webshop order before booking.

Handle cents differences

Differences in cent level due to different rounding methods can be compensated automatically. Set your own threshold.

Synchronise from order stage

You can specify that invoices and orders are handled differently, depending on the stage of the order in the system that are sending it.

Match payments with PayMatch

Your payments and fees can be matched with your invoice payments to prepare for reconciliation and accounting.

Add multiple systems

Add more systems to the same account, so you can have multiple webshops integrated into the same accounting system.

Scalable subscription

The modular format of the IEX subscription makes it attractive for those with multiple platforms.