Terms and conditions for IEX

Our terms and conditions are designed to give both parties security and clarity on the rights to trade with online services. We always try to be flexible and collaborate with our customers in a good manner to avoid disputes.

1. Company Information.


VAT/Org.no. DK35527710

Herstedvang 7A, 2. th.

2620 Albertslund

Phone: (+45) 3222 4344

Email: kontakt@iex.dk

2. General terms

2.1 IEX ApS provides services through the Internet. In connection with these services, IEX comply to both legal and general ethical rules. The following terms of sale and delivery apply to the extent that they are not waived by other written agreement between the parties. IEX is not bound by any purchase terms and conditions specified in the customer’s order, unless they comply with these terms.

3. Orders and payments

3.1 The IEX subscription and setup costs are billable immediately after completion of the order.

3.2 The subscription is paid through the subscription in Reepay.

3.3 IEX accepts the following debit/credit cards:

Visa/Dankort, Visa, MasterCard, Visa Electron, JCB and Maestro.

3.4 Until the subscription is actively cancelled by the customer, the subscription payment will automatically be withdrawn from the card. The subscription period is paid in advance. You can always contact us by e-mail to cancel the subscription. If you wish to cancel before the next renewal, we will need the cancellation at least 8 days before the next renewal.

3.5 After subscribing and after each successful renewal withdrawal, a receipt will be sent to the given email.

3.6 If your payment card expires or the payment in other way fails, there will be sent an email with a link to renew the payment method.

3.7 When subscribing and entering a payment method, you allow the necessary payment card information to be saved for automatic debiting of the payment card. This information is automatically deleted, when the subscription is cancelled. All payment methods are safely handled through Reepay, that complies to technical and operational demands, that are defined by the PCI Security Standards Council (PCI SSC) to protect the card holders data.

4. Registration of customer data (personal data policy)

4.1 When you enter into an agreement with IEX ApS, we record the following information: Company name, Contact name, Address, Telephone number, E-mail address, and CVR/Org.no.

4.2 IEX records your personal data for the purpose of providing its services. You always have the right to edit or object to the registration, cf. the Personal Data Act. Inquiries in this regard are addressed to: IEX ApS – billing@iex.dk

4.3 When collecting personal data, IEX ensures that it always happens when you give your explicit consent, to ensure you are informed of exactly which information is collected and why. The personal information registered with IEX is stored in the records for up to six months after the subscription ends.

4.4 All IEX employees and agents in the IEX’s support system are granted access to the information recorded.

4.5 Information provided to IEX is treated with care and is not disclosed or sold to any third party. IEX does not record any sensitive information.

4.6 For further details on our guidelines regarding personal data, please refer to our Data Processing Agreement

5. Delivery methods – Orders without configuration

5.1 For several of our integrations, you will be able to access the IEX service immediately, and can make your own configuration, cf. guides etc.

5.2 It is your own responsibility to handle the configuration of your integration. IEX can provide support if you encounter technical or other issues. IEX will charge a service fee in case of errors / defects that refer to faults in setup and configurations made by the customer, or if support is requested because guidelines has not been followed properly. The customer will be notified of this before the execution of the support if there will be charged extra payable fees in addition to general support.

6. Forms of delivery, processing and delivery time – Orders including configuration

6.1 IEX will always process the order as soon as possible, according to the specified delivery times.

6.2 You will be contacted by an IEX employee regarding the configuration and login information. Delivery time is valid from the time IEX receives the necessary information to set up the integration. It is therefore important that the customer is committed to providing login information, etc. as soon as possible to avoid delays in the process.

6.3 You are always welcome to contact the IEX technician for information about expected delivery time. The configuration will be assigned to a technician, but this does not emply that the technician in question will be the one to execute the configuration. IEX aim for the configuration to be executed by the assigned technician, but reserves the right to assign the case to another of its employees.

6.4 Delivery time may vary in occurence of unexpected issues with the configuration or due customized configurations.

6.5 If the customer wishes to make alterations in relation to the ordered configuration, it may cause delay in delivery, as well as possible additional costs. The IEX technician will inform you if any, the price surcharges related to mappings, hooks or other additions to the integration that differ from common standard. This will be disclosed before the implementation of the alterations.

6.6 IEX always makes an effort to inform the customer of delays in delivery, as well as the reason.

6.7 IEX delivers digital content that is not associated with any physical media. IEX only delivers services that have been expressly ordered and accepted by the Customer and therefore there is no right of withdrawal once the integration has been accepted and invoiced.

6.8 The setup price applies to the prices stated at iex.dk website at the order page for the integration in question, or by written offer from IEX. The setup price covers the commissioning of the task ordered by the customer, as well as configuration and testing of the integration.

6.9 When configuring integrations where the setup price is DKK 2,000 or less, you will be billed immediately upon ordering. When placing an order, the order is binding and not eligible for credit.

6.10 For configuration of integrations where the setup price exceeds DKK 2,000, IEX will typically send a an invoice for partial payment immediately after ordering. When placing an order, the order is binding and not eligible for credit. If the Customer cancels an order after the first invoice has been dispatched and time has been spent on administration and / or configuration, IEX reserves the right to charge the customer on the next invoice for the time spent.

6.11 Compliance with lead delivery time requires that the technician has access to the necessary information to perform the configuration. See Section 7 for details on the IEX configuration terms.

7. IEX Configuration Terms.

7.1 When ordering a technician for setup, it is the your own responsibility to familiarize yourself with the general questions and answer (Q&A’s) regarding the configuration and ensure that the order agreement is complete. It is the Customer’s responsibility to ensure that the desired configuration is executable before ordering. IEX support is happy to help you with this, possibly adding extra charges if matters need to be further examined.

7.2 It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure that the systems that are integrated are configured in such a way that it is possible to integrate according to the customer’s needs. Configurations handled by IEX do not include system setup. If, for example, item numbers are missing in the webshop, it is not IEX’s job to set them up. Likewise, IEX does not accept responsibility for the customer’s handling of the accounts and its techical correctness and compliance with the legislation.

7.3 When order have been placed for setup and configuration, IEX handles the configuration of the integration on behalf the Customer. For this, IEX will request access (logins) for the setup and integration between the systems, as well as necessary information needed for the configuration.

7.4 After testing the first order going through the integration, the technician requests approval for the transfer of the order and thus an acceptance of the configuration from the Customer. If the Customer does not reply within 5 business days, the configuration will be treated as finished and accepted.

7.5 Within 10 days from the configuration is finished, we will fix ordinary configuration customizations upon request. After this time, we see the configuration as complete and the right to make adjustments expires unless the Customer has a pending case with IEX. Further configuration can then be ordered at IEX general hourly rates. After the 10 days, IEX will still support any errors that may occur. Inquiries must be filed by the Customer as a support case.

7.6 It is the Customer’s responsibility to provide the necessary login access for IEX to deliver the integration, as well as answer necessary questions. If possible, IEX will avoid requesting logins and instead use partner logins with administrative rights.

7.7 Invoicing of technichal setup is binding and cannot be credited. Invoicing is alligible upon the order of the setup. If the Customer is of the opinion that there are grounds for exceptions, IEX may be contacted to assess the case. If the Customer prevents delivery or litigation eg. by not providing necessary information, uninstalling plugins, etc., IEX is still entitled to issue the invoice to cover the proceedings.

7.8 IEX contact the Cusomer using the e-mail address specified upon order. It is the Customer’s responsibility to check for replies or inquiries from IEX and to respond. Incomplete setups due to lack of answers are not grounds for crediting or canceling setups. It is up to the customer to inform IEX of changes in contact details.

7.9 The IEX technician delivers the ordered integration based on a configuration form that the Customer answers. If changes occur during the process, IEX reserves the right to offer the extra assistance as addition to the estimated number of hours, based on the hourly rates described on the iex.dk website.

7.10 IEX continually reserves the right to charge the Customer for extra time consumed in any given case.

7.11 IEX assumes no responsibility for changes in the systems that affect integration.

8. IEX subscription.

Services, period and renewal

8.1 Services may vary depending on the plan you subscribe to, cf. the IEX website, which is typically divided into Basic, Standard, Premium or Enterprise subscriptions. Please note that subscriptions may vary according to service and features across version numbers of the IEX service. The customer is obliged to familiarize himself with the subscription limitations when purchasing.

8.2 The number of orders, goods, customers, stock and other transactions that may be transferred with the chosen subscription are fixed based on the specified limit values determined at the time of ordering.

8.3 Subscriptions are prepaid and run from the start of the agreement and the period ending, ie. six months ahead.

8.4 The agreement is automatically renewed every 5 months entering a new subscription period, which means that the invoice is sent one month before the end of the subscription period. Once the invoice has been sent, the period is accepted and renewed.

8.5 Processed orders are counted from the first to the last day of the month and the counter is reset for each month to the relevant order limit on the customer’s subscription. Order limits that have not been used up will not be transferred until next month and the remaining number of orders allowed will not be compensated.

Change of subscription

8.6 By writing to sales@iex.dk, the customer can have his IEX subscription changed. When downgrading a subscription, the price difference will not be compensated and the new subscription comes into effect after the end of the prepaid period. When acquiring a higher subscription, you will be billed for a new period of 6 months, which is typically reduced by previous paid subscription in case of overlapping in the periods.

8.7 The Customer’s subscription choice may be changed by IEX at any time without prior notice. Typically, IEX will report an upgrade in accordance with the applicable data usage terms, etc.

8.8 IEX reserves the right to make inquiries about subscriptions at any time if other subscriptions are deemed to be more of advantage for the customer. This happens mostly in case if the customer moves substantially larger transfers than usual, be it orders, goods or customers, implies transfer to another subscription type.

8.9 Downgrading of integration subscription can only be executed by Cutomer’s written request for sovereign evaluation by IEX. An administration fee may apply. In this case, IEX will notify the Customer before the change is made.Downgrading of integration subscription is not compensated for a subscription period that has already begun.

Additional Orders

8.10 As an alternative to subscription upgrading, IEX offers the opportunity to purchase additional orders for processing. See section 8.8 on change of subscriptions. IEX reserves the right to offer upgrades in connection with the Customer’s consumption of extra orders for processing.

8.11 All consumption exeeding the subscription plan, is eligible for invoicing. If the customer does not choose to refill orders himself, IEX reserves the right to print an invoice based on the package prices including the extra consumed orders for processing.

8.12: In case of over-consumption of additional purchase orders not ordered by the Customer, in which IEX must fulfill, a minimum of 250 purchase orders will be added to the invoice due to additional administration costs.


8.13 Cancellation of subscription must be made in writing to billing@iex.dk. It is the responsibility of the Customer at all times to document the cancellation.

8.14 The subscription may be terminated in writing at any time with one month’s notice until the end of a subscription period, after which IEX will send a confirmation of the cancellation. The cancellation must be in writing by e-mail. It is the Customer’s own responsibility to terminate the agreement no later than 1 month before the renewal period, even if the customer no longer uses the services offered by IEX.

8.15 If, upon termination, an invoice has already been sent for a new period, but not paid, the Customer can, if IEX agree, immediately cancel a subscription and credit its outstanding against a fee of DKK 250 + VAT. However, outstanding payments are not reimbursed. If a subscription is requested to be cancelled in the middle of a period, the subscription will be terminated either same day or at the expiry date, and again, any outstanding payments will not be reimbursed.

8.16 IEX may unsubscribe without notice if the Fair Use transaction limits are exceeded (see section 10), in the event of misuse of the IEX service, or if the source code is in any way attempted to be imitated or changed. IEX sovereignly determines what is characterized as abuse of the service.

8.17 If IEX wishes to terminate a subscription in the event of a breach of the general rules, any remaining period corresponding to paid subscription will not be refunded to the Customer. Disturbance of other subscribers or breach of business terms will be considered abuse of IEX services. This may at any time result in the termination and cancellation of a subscription. IEX is in every respect sovereign in the definition of abuse.

9. Demo period

9.1 IEX may end a demo account at any time during the demo period without notice. Demo users are not entitled to data transfer or access to support.

9.2 When ordering technical setup, demo period can still be used, but IEX may invoice for technical assistance according to the current fees presented on the IEX website.

10. Fair use transaction limit

10.1 IEX has a Fair use transaction limit for its subscriptions for how many customers, goods, orders and changes in inventory that can be transferred per. month. This is due to operational reasons and required to ensure technical stability.

10.2 Fair use limit per Month is 5,000 transactions for Basic subscription, 10,000 transactions for Standard subscription, 20,000 transactions for Premium subscription, 50,000 transactions for Enterprise subscription, and 75,000 for Dedicated subscription.

10.3 IEX reserves the right to investigate the circumstances during a set period if the transaction limit is exceeded. IEX may at any time upgrade a subscription if the Customer is exceeding the Fair use limit. IEX will typically notify the Customer of the upgrade.

10.4 In the event of any over-consumption, IEX may see it necessary to stop the transfer until the origin of the overuse has been rectified, clarified or an agreement with IEX has been made.

11. System Stability.

11.1 As far as possible, IEX will inform customers of relevant operational disruptions. The operating status can be found at http://status.iex.dk

11.2 IEX monitors the service loads to safeguard against errors.

11.3 IEX reserves the right to limit the use of the services offered for operational and security reasons without notice.

11.4 IEX undertake measures to ensure that the Customer’s services are in operation 24 hours a day all year around but makes no guarantees. IEX is entitled to discontinue operations when special technical conditions, including maintenance and repair, are necessary.

11.5 In the event of a malfunction and, you may seek assistance under our applicable support terms and conditions.

12. Data logging.

12.1 IEX logs data in order to be able to retrieve data or to identify whether data has been transferred or not. IEX logs all transactions such as customer, product and order information and inventory. IEX does not log or save credit card information, except from recording the payment method.

12.2 For further elaboration of our data logging guidelines, please refer to our Data Processing Agreement.

13. Support.

13.1 IEX primarily provides support on its own services and always refers to external support for other services.

13.2 Inquiry for IEX support is typically carried out per. email support@iex.dk to be entered into the support ticket system. IEX also offers chat and phone support.

13.3 In order to achieve the most clearifying support handling, support requests are preferably handled by email to support@iex.dk. For error handling, please attach as much info as possible for faster support handling, like the number reference to the order, item or the like.

13.4 In case the error is attributed to the Customer’s own default, incorrect setup or the like, IEX reserves the right to invoice the Customer at the applicable hourly rate.

13.5 We refer to the opening hours at www.iex.dk for access to support. Telephone support is handled during the weekdays from 9 AM to 11 AM and 1 PM to 3 PM. Phone calls to support outside these opening hours may be invoiced.

13.6 In case of emergency beyond opening hours, IEX can be contacted by dialing the main number and pressing the emergency number, after which the on-duty technician will try to find a solution. Please note that all inquiries outside opening hours are invoiced with a base price of DKK 1250 plus emergency surcharge if any. This will be assessed during the call. IEX does not guarantee resolution of the problem outside normal business hours. It is also not guaranteed that there is a technician present to answer the call, after which you must send an email with “ACUTE RED” in the subject field.

14. Updates, upgrades and maintenance of IEX service.

14.1 IEX continuously updates and maintains its own services and plugins.

14.2 Updates will be ongoing, while critical updates will be handled immediately. You are always welcome to contact IEX for current status of updates.

14.3 IEX will typically upgrade its service to newer versions, but is not required to provide such upgrades.

14.4 IEX may consider itself eligible to charge upgrade fees for conversion to new versions of the IEX Platform. IEX endeavors to enable the Customer to perform the upgrade itself, but due to special setups etc., it may require an IEX technician to upgrade to new versions. IEX will typically inform its Customers about upgrades to newer versions as well as the expected time consumption if any.

14.5 IEX is not required to support or maintain an outdated IEX service, but will continue to do so for as long as IEX deems it necessary. IEX has the sovereign right to decide the time of closing down the service and it is the Customer’s responsibility to upgrade to newer versions before the service is closed. Please contact IEX if any concerns.

15. Functionality.

15.1 IEX cannot be held responsible by the Customer for functions in source code, associated plugins or other used software in the services offered. This includes any damage, data loss, lost earnings, loss of working time or the like due to properly applied tools, software and hardware errors or misconfigurations.

15.2 Costs for repairing damages as a result of the Customer’s breach of this agreement shall be incurred by the Customer. This also includes IEX’s time consumption at current hourly rate.

16. Pricing.

16.1 All prices quoted are excl. 25% VAT. The applicable price is the current price stated on the day of the order for the service in question.

16.2 Prices quoted are valid as of the order date and can be changed at any time by IEX with 1 month notice to be applied for the following period.

16.3 We reserve ourselves for any printing errors.

17. Warranty and return policy.

17.1 When purchasing digital services in the form of advertisements, acquisitions, etc., the Customer has no right of return by law and cannot, in principle, be reimbursed for the purchase.

17.2 Digital warranty will not be granted for 2 years on digital services. You have the right to rectify any defects in the service that can be attributed to the nature of the service, unless it is due to Customer’s circumstances or other external circumstances for which IEX under Danish law cannot be held responsible.

17.3 If you experience any problems with the service, please contact IEX as soon as possible. The error must be reported within one month of occurrence, otherwise it will be considered to be at your own risk. IEX reserves the right to cancel a complaint in case of delayed reporting of errors, but will as far as possible try to be flexible through dialogue with the Customer.

17.4 If the integration in the Customer’s case is futile or incomplete, the case be assessed for the potential of refund upon request.

17.5 The complaint must contain a complete explanation of why the solution does not work as expected. IEX has the absolute sovereignty in assessing the case.

18. Responsibility.

18.1 IEX provides its service for handling and automation of data transfers. All material and software related to the IEX service belongs to IEX. The customer is responsible for using the tools in the IEX platform for any initial troubleshooting and only request support if further assistance is required.

18.2 It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure that data transfer lives up to the expected result and to notify IEX of any errors or changes that may occur.

18.3 IEX guarantees that the requested service will be performed in a professional manner. There is no guarantee that the service will work as intended in the event of deviations from standard setup.

18.4 IEX disclaims any responsibility for data loss, loss of earnings or any other direct or indirect loss. This applies whether the loss is due to system failure, unauthorized access to the system or non-delivery of ordered services or other conditions applied at IEX.

18.5 IEX cannot be held responsible for user’s or third parties’ use of the Service or its functions.

18.6 IEX ApS cannot be held responsible for any errors caused by third parties.

19. Third Party Systems and Applications

19.1 For certain third-party systems, invoices will be issued from third parties. All integrations will be linked to a subscription.

19.2 Subscription with IEX does not cover additional fees and purchases that may be incurred by third parties to enable integration. It is the customer’s responsibility to investigate the supplier’s terms and conditions for their integrated systems, and IEX disclaim the responsibility to notify customers of changes in terms, prices and services of third-party system suppliers.

19.3 IEX disclaim responsibility for any form of conflicts with third parties.

19.4 IEX is not responsible for failure to transmit data as a result of a third party or subcontractor system crash. IEX will, as far as possible, take precautions to reduce data loss, but cannot guarantee correction of errors until the third party or subcontractor resolves their errors or crashes.

19.5 IEX continuously updates and maintains its own code. Reservations apply for changes made by third parties that make integrations impossible, or in which fundamentally change IEX’s business conditions. Typically, IEX will notify customers of relevant changes to IEX’s services and terms caused by third-party changes.

19.6 Any form of rectifying errors caused by third-party changes, made by IEX at the Customer’s request, is invoiced. IEX will typically notify the customer about this before commencing any work.

20. Changes in conditions.

20.1 IEX reserves the right to change these terms of sale and business terms at the same notice. As far as possible, IEX will notify the Customer of significant changes.

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