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IEX version 3:
The most advanced integration platform on the market

Modular platform

With the new IEX, you no longer need additional separate integrations to set up complex workflows between multiple systems. With a single account for your integrations, you can add your systems as "modules". According to your needs, you can set up added connections across your systems.

Automate repeating tasks

IEX automates your tasks by transferring data between webshops, accounts, POS and storage systems, as well as subscription management systems. It saves your company large amounts of manual work, which will free up your resources for other more exciting tasks.

Automated data management

IEX automatically transfers your data from one system to another. For example, this can pertain to orders from your webshop being automatically converted into invoices in your ERP system, or the stock quantity from your cash register automatically updated in your webshop. Automated data management reduces key errors and gives you a better overview.

Manage the setup yourself

You can manage the setup of most of our integrations yourself. By managing the set up yourself, you avoid excessive start-up costs and can start optimizing your business by automation immediately. If you need help with a more advanced setup, our support is ready to answer your questions, while a full setup can be purchased.

Flows that match your business

IEX version 3 uses a standardized format that allows for systems to be interconnected.

  • Flows consist of data connections that can be set up between systems by choice. Connections will dispatch specific data sets like customer fields and product fields. Separate connections make it easy to keep track of your integration and manage the data transfers according to your requirements.
  • Connections can be easily customized with our Filter & Mapping tool
  • Filters and mappings enable advanced automated sorting of data based on predefined parameters.

A subscription that matches your requirements

The new IEX is designed to offer a higher flexibility in its pricing structure to match your preferences. The new startup subscription gives a low-cost option for small business owners ready to automate their business.

If you require a weightier setup, you still only need one integration where you can manage your modules and purchase the features you prefer.

Most integrations offer a free trial for 14 days

Keep track of your integration with the IEX dashboard

  • Complete log of all data transfers
  • Advanced settings
  • Optional purchase of extended setup tool for filters and mappings
  • Secured and efficient invoice transfer
  • Free 14 day trial

Experience our user friendly dashboard

Frequently Asked Questions

IEX aim to make it as easy as possible to set up our integration. After the initial registration, you are taken step by step through the setup. IEX also provide user guides to guide you through your setup process as far as possible.

Yes, you may purchase setup services at IEX.
The IEX technician will coordinate with you on how the integration is to be set up and you integration will not be activated until you have approved the result of the transfer.
An IEX technician will coordinate the process with you, and perform the setup of your integration according to your requirements. The integration will not be activated until you have approved the result of the test transfers.
Price and delivery for the setup vary according to chosen integration.

IEX offer 14 days free trial for all integrations as long as IEX setup services are not required.You can utilize your free trial to set up your integration and test it to see if it matches your preferences.

Yes, support for the IEX service is included in the subscription.
Phone support is reserved for standard subscribers and up, but Startup and Basic subscribers can receive assistance by e-mail and chat.
Please note that IEX does not support systems other than the IEX platform itself.

Similar to any mobile phone subscription, you will receive an e-mail when reaching your limit as well as after the override, that offers you to extend you purchase with additional orders or upgrade your subscription.
As the integration for most companies is critical for their business, data transfers will not be automatically cut. In addition, the rate for additional orders is reasonable, so you will not be disproportionate charged extra.
You can find our rates for additional orders on this page.

Yes. If your webshop is not yet complete, you can still order integration setup in advance.
If you use a test domain, we can establish a temporary connection that gives you the opportunity to test the integration, before we change the connection to your final domain.

We can customize the integrations to match most requirements as long as the data sets are systematic.
If your setup is complex and you are unsure if the integration can transfer the data according to your business requirements, you can contact IEX at sales@iex.dk

Please send a description of how you would prefer the integration to behave, and if possible, an elaboration to point out receiver and sender fields, as well as related variables.

What our customers say

"IEX has been extremely helpful throughout the process, and we have today got a solution that meets all our requirements for an optimal e-conomic integration."
Sommy Sloth Bjørvig
Shop Wwner, BeChristensen
"Huge fan! They deliver every time - in both product and service! IEX delivers an outstanding product and service. They are always ready to help finding the right solution for the integration of the cash register system and webshop to our ERP system. Huge fan here!"
Mikkel Randrup Rasmussen
Online Consultant, meotine.com
"IEX gave a good support via the chat and already within a few hours, they had already set it all up and were ready to make changes to the integration right away. We have now saved 1/2 - 1 days work every week sending out invoices by using their service"
Lasse Vendelbo
Chief Accountant, Is Til Fest ApS
"IEX saves me both time and money. I use IEX Integration to transfer orders and products from the webshop to our ERP system. I am very pleased to have this work automated. Every time I have needed their support, the issues have been resolved quickly and thoroughly. It appears to be a stable system where everything is in order. "
Thomas Krogh
Owner, cykelhjelm.dk