IEX integration gives you flexibility making your workday easy

Save time on boring data entry

Optimize your workflow

Avoid typing errors

Setup in minutes

You can setup most integrations by yourself – just follow the easy step-by-step guides.

Real-time data transfer

Data is transferred in real-time – when we receive your data we immediately send to your accounting system.

Special rules for the integration

IEX can transfer your custom fields and setup exactly the rules you need for your integration.

Data transfer statistics

With IEX you can follow your data transfers in a user friendly graphic display, giving you valuable insight in your business.

Independent data processing

IEX uses cutting edge technology to pricess your data and data can be transferred unaffected from peak periods.

Scalable solution

Your integration is fully scalable and will grow with you as your business expands.

Data security - a top priority

IEX handles all data using newest technology and on our own servers – so you can be sure your data is treated with the utmost care.

Excellent support

When you need help we are ready on the chat or via phone and mail.

The IEX dashboard

The IEX dashboard allows you to follow and track all your transfers of orders, products and customers and re-transfer if needed.

In the log system you can see the reason why a transfer has not been completed and immediately solve any issues for instant re-transfer.

You can also adjust all settings related to your integration, allowing you to adapt the integration to all coming needs for running your e-commerce business – ensuring 100% flexibility.

You can read more about how our different integrations meet your business needs.
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IEX integration has the greatest know-how in the field,
with more than 100.000 orders going through IEX each month