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IEX is an automatic integration service that connects webshop, accounting, POS or inventory platforms with each other.

IEX provides integration for the business circles with a clear ambition to make everyday life easier for companies by cutting unnecessary actions and workflows completely away, to free up time, money and human resources.

If you have specific needs for your integration, we will greet you with attentive and competent advice.

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Product overview

The need to integrate data with an integration across various sales and service channels has grown tremendously since IEX released its first version back in 2008.

Today, we are proud to have a large system portfolio of integrations that can be interweaved, and combined with all our know-how, we can help you build the exact integration to solve your company needs.

The new IEX platform is more flexible and user-friendly than ever, and has been developed over several years user experience in system integrations.


IEX receives the Børsen Gazelle Prize
November 2019
IEX releases version 3: Flexible building blocks in modular platform
May 2019
IEX reaches 1000 active users
March 2018
IEX releases version 2: Advanced integration platform with user interface
August 2014
First major customer and 100 active users
May 2013
IEX releases version 1.5: Integrations are delivered on a consultant basis without a user interface
February 2011
IEX is founded
December 2010
The first integration assignment is delivered through a media agency
May 2009

Fokus på integration og automatiserede processer

Et kompetent team med indgående systemkendskab

Projekter baseres på avanceret egenudviklet integrationsplatform

En kendt samarbejdspartner til de store systemer i branchen

Focus on integration and automated processes

A competent team with in-depth system knowledge

Projects are based on an advanced self-developed integration platform

A well-known partner to the major platforms in the industry

Meet our team

IEX consists of skilled professionals, each of whom possesses a wide range of competencies with integration.
The team handles support and setup of integration as well as daily operation and maintenance of the IEX service.

Niel Rokkjær

CEO & Co-Founder

Penille Achena

Accounting & HR Manager

Johan Delaire

Digital Marketing Manager

Dennis Christensen

Customer Service Manager
& Developer

Kim Solberg

1. Support & Developer

Benjamin Jensen

Senior Developer
& Technical Manager

Jakob Ferdinandsen


Patrick Drifte


Christian Bangslund


Bjarne Berthelsen

Frontend Developer

So this is Christmas...🎄

The office is closed between Christmas and New Year’s Eve, and we are back January 3rd 2022. Don’t worry, our platform will still be online 🙂

We wish all of our customers a merry Christmas and a happy new year!