New prices for IEX – 2024

On this page you can calculate your new price for your IEX subscription. The prices will be adjusted on the first subscription renewal in 2024.

Your IEX subscription consists of:

Subscription tier (usage limits)

Controls the period and usage limits

Price for system connections

Connections to the integrated systems


Optional add-ons to your integration

Subscription tier (usage limits)

Prices for the subscription tier. To get the full subscription price add this must be combined with the price for the system connections as well as any optional add-on.

TierMonthly price (semiannual payment)Monthly price (monthly payment)Usage limit
StartupEUR 4,00EUR 5,0050 orders per month
BasicEUR 11,00EUR 13,00200 orders per month
StandardEUR 24,00EUR 28,00 500 orders per month
PremiumEUR 51,00EUR 56,001500 orders per month
EnterpriseEUR 87,00EUR 95,003000 orders per month
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Price for system connections

Price for the system connections. To get the full subscription price, the system connections prices must be combined with the subscription tier as well as any optional add-on.

WebshopPrice per month
DanDomain ClassicEUR 14,00
DanDomain WebshopEUR 7,00
GoldenPlanetEUR 14,00
MagentoEUR 14,00
Magento 2EUR 14,00
PrestashopEUR 7,00
SalectoEUR 20,00
Salecto 2EUR 20,00
ScannetEUR 7,00
ShopifyEUR 7,00
SmartwebEUR 7,00
thirty beesEUR 7,00
WannafindEUR 7,00
WooCommerceEUR 7,00
AccountingPrice per month
Beierholm BejourEUR 27,00
BillyEUR 7,00
DineroEUR 7,00
MenetoEUR 7,00
TripletexEUR 14,00
UnicontaEUR 27,00
Visma eAccountingEUR 14,00
Visma e-conomicEUR 14,00
Visma.netEUR 54,00
POSPrice per month
DdDEUR 34,00
EasyPOSEUR 20,00
FlexPOSEUR 20,00
ScanPOSEUR 20,00
ZettleEUR 14,00
WarehousePrice per month
AckroEUR 20,00
AlpiEUR 20,00
Blue Water ShippingEUR 20,00
DSV / PrimeCargoEUR 27,00
LemanEUR 27,00
LogiSnap WarehouzeEUR 20,00
MilcomEUR 20,00
OngoingEUR 27,00
PostnordEUR 20,00
RackbeatEUR 20,00
Subscription systemPrice per month
ChargebeeEUR 14,00
Billwerk+EUR 14,00
AcquirerPrice per month
ClearhausEUR 7,00
MyNetsEUR 7,00
Nets EasyEUR 7,00
StripeEUR 7,00
Shopify PaymentsEUR 7,00
File integrationPrice per month
FTP-moduleEUR 14,00
FTP-serviceEUR 14,00
CSV-moduleEUR 27,00
XML-moduleEUR 27,00




Warehouse management

Subscription system


File integration

Add-ons (optional)

Prices for add-ons. To get the full subscription price, the price for the add-ons must be combined with the price for the subscription tier and the system connections.

Add-onMonthly price
PaymatchEUR 27,00
Mapping moduleEUR 7,00