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Integrate Visma e-conomic with your webshop

from € 15 per month 

Connect your Visma e-conomic accounting system

We offer integrations to the following webshop systems

Startup-subscription available: Only €9

For integrations to POS systems or inventory management systems, browse the categories on the main page or contact IEX.

Pricing for Visma e-conomic integration


200 orders/month
  • Easy setup
  • Support by mail


500 orders/month
  • Easy setup
  • Support by mail and chat
  • For small businesses


1500 orders/month
  • Easy setup
  • Support by mail, chat and phone
  • Lots of orders included
  • For growing businesses


3000 orders/month
  • Easy setup
  • Support by mail, chat and phone
  • Lots of orders included
  • Ideal for big shops

This product is built on the IEX v2 platform

Select webshop for configuration price

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Automatic integration to Visma e-conomic

Keep your accounting system up to date with IEX – a flexible and advanced integration platform

Automatically create invoices, products and customers in your Visma e-conomic system with IEX. 

The integration can be modified and tailored to your needs. Should you require a special configuration the IEX team can help you with a custom solution.

Visma e-conomic is a user friendly and flexible accounting system, with a variety of advanced extensions and integrations.

With IEX it easy to set up an automatic workflow, that handles all of your import and export data.

  • Official VISMA e-conomic partner

    IEX and Visma are official partners ensuring you a perfect connection between your systems.
  • You have full control

    The IEX integration can be set up to exactly your need – ensuring a perfect match for your business.
  • Excellent customer service

    When you need assistance we are ready to help you. The support team is ready on chat, phone and mail.
  • User friendly dashboard

    The IEX dashboard gives you ability to monitior all transfers and insights in your order and product transfers.
  • Special requirements

    If you have any special needs for the integration the IEX team can help you achieve the right setup for your business.
  • Easy setup

    You can setup the integration in a just few minutes in the userfriendly IEX dashboard
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