Terms and conditions

1. Company information

VAT # 35527710
Herstedvang 7A, 2. th.
2620 Albertslund
Phone: (+45) 3222 4344
Email: [email protected]

2. General conditions

2.1 IEX ApS delivers services to the Internet. IEX has legal as well as normal ethical rules related to these services, which must be adhered to. The below-mentioned terms of sale and delivery ("Terms of Sale and Delivery") are applied to the extent that they are not waived by other written agreement between the parties ("Parties"). IEX is not bound by any purchase terms and conditions specified in the customer's order, unless they comply with these Terms and Conditions.

3. Ordering and payment.

3.1 Upon completion of ordering, the customer will receive an order confirmation
3.2 IEX forwards an invoice as soon as your integration has been delivered.
3.4 The invoice is paid by bank transfer or by credit card to following accounts:
Bank information: Nordea Bank
Registration number: 2274 Account number: 6888670996
IBAN: DK232000688870996 SWIFT:
Remember to take note of the invoice number by bank transfer.
3.5 IEX accepts payment with the following credit cards:

Visa/Dankort, Visa, MasterCard, Visa Electron, JCB and Maestro.

4. Registration of customer data (privacy policy)

4.1 For you to enter into an agreement with IEX ApS, we need the following information: Name, Address, Telephone number, Email address and VAT number.
4.2 IEX makes registration of your personal information with the purpose of providing the service to you.
4.3 The personal data is registered with IEX and is stored for 5 years after which the data is deleted.
4.4 When personal data is collected through our website, IEX ensures that it is always done by submitting your explicit consent such that you are informed of precisely what data is collected and why.
4.5 The management, the consultant working with the case as well as the bookkeeper of IEX have access to the data recorded about you.
4.6 The data responsible in IEX are the Board of Directors, Nicolai Jørgensen and Niel Rokkjær.
4.7 IEX stores customer data encrypted.
4.8 IEX transmits customer data encrypted.
4.9 Data passed on to IEX is in no way forwarded or sold to any third party, and we do not register any sensitive personal information.
4.10 As registered user of IEX, you at any time have a right to state an objection towards the registration: You also have the right to inspect the data registered about you. You have these rights cf. the Act on the Processing of Personal Data (31.5.2000/429). Enquiries related to this will be directed towards IEX Ltd. via email [email protected]
4.11 IEX reserves the right to send informational emails about the IEX service as well as new measures and offers.

5. Methods of delivery, processing and delivery time.

5.1 IEX will always process the order as soon as possible.
5.2 For more of our integrations, you will be connected to IEX service with the same per. mail, and can make your configuration as per the guides mm.
5.3 In cases where IEX manages your configuration, delivery time is typically 1-3 work days.
5.4 You will be contacted by an IEX employee concerning the configuration where IEX may request login information.
5.5 Delivery time may vary if there are problems with the configuration or with custom configuration.
5.6 IEX always strives to inform the customer of delays of delivery and and causes hereof.
5.7 You can always make an enquiry to be informed of a expected delivery deadline.
5.8 IEX delivers digital content not associated with any physical media. IEX exclusively delivers services which has been expressly ordered and accepted by the customer, and therefore, there is no right of cancellation once the integration has been registered as ready and billed.

6. IEX subscription.

6.1 The services may vary depending on the plan you subscribe to cf. IEX website, which is typically divided into Basic, Standard or Premium customer subscriptions.
6.2 Subscriptions are prepaid and run from contract commencement and 6 months forward.
6.3 The subscription can at any time be terminated in writing with one month's notice to the expiration of the subscription period, after which IEX sends a confirmation of termination. The termination can be made in writing at [email protected]. It is the Customer's sole responsibility to terminate the agreement 1 month prior to the renewal period, even if the Customer ceases to use the services provided by IEX.
6.4 The agreement is automatically renewed every 5 months onto a new subscription period, which means that the invoice is shipped one month before the expiration of the subscription period. Once the invoice has been submitted, the period is accepted and renewed.
6.5 In case of breach of rules referred to on this page IEX may, without notice, terminate a subscription upon which written termination from IEX is sent and effectuated.
6.6 The customer's subscription type can at any time be changed by IEX without prior notice. IEX will typically account for an upgrade under the terms of data usage etc. Prepaid tax may only be offset against the cost of major types of integrations, but no such guarantees are given.
6.7 Concerning Premium customers with more than 2.000 orders p/m, IEX reserves the right to contact the customer at any time about changing the subscription to a dedicated integration for EUR 101 p/m with unlimited order transfers. This is due to the operation of IEX shared integration. Naturally, it is up to the customer to decide whether said customer wishes to subscribe to the dedicated integration or terminate the subscription.
6.8 At any time, IEX reserves the right to contact customers with a substantially larger transfer of data than normal, be it orders, products or customers, concerning a change in subscription type.
6.9 Changing a subscription to a smaller type of integration can be initialized only by the Customer's written request, prompting a sovereign assessment of IEX. Changes to a smaller type of integration in an already ongoing subscription period does not result in financial compensation.
6.10 Should IEX wish to terminate subscription on grounds of violation of the common rules, the balance corresponding to the remaining subscription will not be refunded to the Customer. Harassment of other subscribers and violation of terms of business will be considered as abuse of IEX' services. This may at any time result in closure as well as termination of subscription. IEX is in every respect sovereign in the definition of abuse.
6.11 In case of consumption of order transfers beyond the upper monthly limit stipulated by the Customer's selected IEX subscription, said customer will be billed the closest possible additional orders package. Prices for additional orders package appear in the IEX dashboard.

7. Fair use transaction limit.

7.1 IEX has a Fair use transactions limit for its subscriptions and the amount of customers, products and orders that can be transmitted both daily and monthly. This is due to operational causes and to ensure stability.
7.2 Fair use limit for IEX Shared (Basic, Standard, Premium and Enterprise) subscriptions is 5.000 transactions daily and 60.000 monthly. IEX Dedicated subscription's Fair use limit is 5.000 daily and 120.000 monthly.
7.3 IEX can without prior notice close demo accounts at any time during the trial period. Demo users are not entitled data transfer nor access to support.
7.4 IEX can at any time conduct an upgrade of a subscription in case of exceeding the Fair use transactions limit. IEX will typically contact in this regard. In case of substantial overuse of transactions IEX can at any time suspend, until the overuse has been resolved, or terminate a subscription.

8. Operational reliability.

8.1 IEX reserves the right to limit the applicability of the offered services for operational and security reasons. This may happen without prior warning. IEX obligates to issue operational information concerning major limitations. Operational status can be found on status.iex.dk/
8.2 IEX strives to ensure that customer service is in operation 24 hours of the day, 365 days of the year, but makes no such guarantees. IEX is eligible to discontinue operations when particular technical conditions, including maintenance and repair, dictates it.

9. Logging of data.

9.1 IEX logs data in order to be able to resend data or to ascertain whether the data has been delivered or not and also out of concern for the Customer's transfer statistics.

10. Configuration managed by IEX.

10.1 Where IEX is in charge of the Customer's integration configuration. In this context, IEX willl request access (login) in order to initialize the integration between systems.
10.2 It is the responsibility of the customer to assign the necessary login options to IEX, such that IEX can deliver the integration.
10.3 IEX will contact the Customer regarding further configuration, ultimately also a clear message.
10.4 It is the Customer's sole responsibility to become familiarized with the most general questions concerning configuration and ensure that the prompt is adequate.
10.5 IEX takes no responsibility for changes in the systems important to the integration.
10.6 IEX does not take responsibility for conflicts with third party plugins or similar. Typically, these options arise:
- Uninstall or find another 3rd party plugin without a conflict
- IEX works around the conflict after appointment
10.7 Within 10 days after initialization of the configuration, it is possible to have normal configuration adjustments made. From here on, the configuration is considered completed. Further configuration can then be arranged on an hourly basis.

11. Support.

11.1 IEX primarily offers support towards proprietary services and always refers to external support pertaining to other services.
11.2 Contacting IEX support is typically done by mail [email protected], ticket system or chat for normal support.
11.3 Phone support should only take place in case of emergencies, lack of connection or if the subscription allows it.
11.4 If the error is attributable to the Customer's own neglect, faulty setup or otherwise, IEX reserves the right to invoice the Customer in accordance with the current hourly rate for support.

12. Updates, upgrades and maintenance of IEX service.

12.1 IEX continuously updates its services.
12.2 Depending on your IEX subscription, you have access to download and install new (and old) versions.
12.3 Basic customers will only be able to buy updated versions of IEX (Contact IEX for price).
12.4 Updating will be ongoing while critical updates will happen quickly as possible. You are always welcome to contact IEX for an status of updates.
12.5 IEX is not obligated to upgrade its service to newer versions, but will typically provide for this.
12.6 IEX will typically inform its Customers about upgrading to newer versions, and will also provide an estimate of the time consumption.
12.7 IEX is not obligated to support or maintain an outdated IEX service in operation, but will strive to do so as long as IEX deems it necessary.

13. Functionality.

13.1 IEX can not be held accountable by the customer for features in source code, associated plugins or other applied software in the provided services. This entails any damage, loss of data, loss of earnings, loss of working hours or the likes due to both properly applied tools like software and hardware failures or misconfigurations.
The cost of repairing damages as a result of the customer's breach of this agreement is required by the Customer. This also includes IEX' time spent at the current hourly rate for support.

14. Prices.

14.1 All prices listed are ex. 25% VAT. The valid price is the one stated on the website on the day of the order and adjacent to the service in question. Listed prices are valid as of 01.01.2015 and can be changed at any time by IEX with one month's notice.
14.2 Reservations are made for any printing errors.

15. Returns and complaints.

15.1 The purchase of digital services in the form of ads, additional purchases, etc., gives the Customer, according to legislation, no right of withdrawal and may in principle not be refunded the purchase.
15.2 Digital services are not provided with a 2 year warranty. The Customer has the right to have any deficiencies in the service that may be attributed to it's nature rectified, unless it is based upon own circumstances, or other external circumstances which IEX pursuant to Danish law can not be held responsible for.
15.3 Please contact IEX immediately if you experience problems with the service.
15.4 Should the integration, under the Customer's circumstances, not be possible or satisfactory, a refund will be assessed at the request of the Customer.
15.5 The complaint must contain sufficient reasoning for why the solution is not in line with expectations.

16. Responsibility.

16.1 IEX makes its service available to handling and automation of data. The Customer is responsible for using IEX service primarily for troubleshooting and secondarily for reaching out to support for assistance.
16.2 IEX warrants that the services ordered will be conducted in a professional and technical manner, but does not guarantee that the service will lead to a certain result.
16.3 IEX disclaims any liability for loss of data, loss of earnings or other direct / indirect losses. This applies whether the loss is due to system failure, unauthorized access to the system or absent delivery of ordered services / services, or other conditions at IEX.
16.4 IEX can not be responsible for the user's or third party's use of the service or its features.
16.5 IEX ApS can not be held responsible for errors caused by a third party.

17. Termination.

17.1 The Customer can at all times terminate the subscription and service agreements with IEX cf. applied conditions. This is done with one month's notice prior to the subscription expiring (see sub-section 6.4 about automatic renewal). Insofar as the invoice for a new period already HAS been sent, the Customer can, for a fee of EUR 34 + VAT, have the subscription immediately closed and have the claims credited - however, paid claims are not reimbursed. Should the Customer wish to have the subscription terminated mid-period the subscription is closed at expiry date - equally without options for reimbursement of payments.
17.2 Termination must be in writing by mail to [email protected] The termination notification specifies the debtor no. and the domain having its integration terminated. It rests upon the Customer to be able to document the termination.

18. Subscription period.

18.1 As of November 1, 2015 the subscription period runs from the 1st to the 1st of the month. Orders are translated as a data-entry on the customer that counts down the transfer.

19. Changes in Terms and Conditions.

19.1 IEX reserves the right, with simultaneous notice, to amend these Terms and Conditions.