POS (Point Of Sale) integrations

IEX connects your POS with your webshop - stay on top of inventory and sales


Simple and user friendly POS for all industries.

Control over your inventory and sales

When POS ONE and your web shop is connected, your inventory is always up-to-date.

Integration to the most popular shop systems

With IEX you can integrate your POS ONE cash register with all the popular shop systems.

Advice & help - when you need it

We are ready to assist you with selecting the right setup for you – as well as support when needed.
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Complete software for your POS cash register.

Integration for your needs

You are guaranteed an integration between FlexPOS and your shop with exactly the setup that suits your business needs.

Connect to the popular webshops

With IEX integration you can connect FlexPOS to the most used shop systems on the market.

We always listen to you

For choosing the right setup, we are always ready to help and guide you.
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Light and simple POS.

Overview of inventory and sales

An IEX integration ensures that you are in control of your inventory and sales both online and in the physical store.

Integration for your webshop

IEX allows you to connect your DdD POS with your e-commerce system.

Assistance and support

IEX is always ready with the help and support you need.
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All-in-one POS integration for your cash register.

Integration for your needs

You are guaranteed integration between ScanPOS og your webshop with the setup, that matches your needs

Connect to the popular web shops

With an IEX Integration, you can connect ScanPOS with the market-wide recognised web shop systems.

We always listen to you

When choosing the right setup, we are ready to help and we have many knowledgeable guides.
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IEX integration has the greatest know-how in the field,
with more than 100.000 orders going through IEX each month