New prices valid from January 1st 2021

As of January 1st 2021, we adjust the prices for all our services. On this page you find an overview of all prices.

The new prices will apply to all integration customers on version 2 and version 3 of the IEX platform.

If you are a customer on IEX version 2, your invoice or subscription renewal will look different from before. On this page you’ll find a description of the new price structure.

The new price will be valid from the first renewal of your subscription after January 1st. Your subscription will be moved to a new subscription platform which switches to card payment. You can read more about this at the bottom of this page.

We are constantly investing in improvements of the functionality and accessibility of our product. The increase is based on the estimated operation and developments costs.


Shopify customers will receive an email in December / January with instructions on how to accept the change.

DanDomain customer will be charged the new price through DanDomain.

Customer on IEX version 2?:
This is the new price structure

If you are a customer on IEX version 2, the renewal of your subscription will look different from before. Your subscription will be set up the same as an IEX v3 subscription.

IEX v3 is a modul platform, meaning that the price consist of a subscription plan and a module (connector) for each system that is connected.

The subscription plan controls the subscription period, which functionalities are included and the usage limits for how much that can be transferred per month for the entire integration.

The modules are the connectors that are used to integrate to your systems. Each module has its own price, since they have difference operation and service costs. The price for the module is part of the IEX service and is not a payment to the system partner.

Extra shop domains that may have been added to your integration will be added as individual modules for the price of the system module.

Add-ons extends your integration with extra features. If mappings or hook-files are used on your integration the mapping module will be added to your subscription.

Subscription plan

Controls the period, usage limits and accessibility of functionalities.


The connector used to handle settings for the data transfer


The connector used to handle settings for the data transfer

Optional add-ons

Extend the functionality of your integration with add-ons

Add more modules

Extra modules can be added. Prices vary for each module.

Subscription plans - Prices valid from January 1st, 2021

Subscription planStartup (Only IEX v3)BasicStandardPremiumEnterprise
Semiannual price (listed monthly)EUR 3.00EUR 7.00EUR 18.00EUR 40.00EUR 71.00
Monthly price (Only offered on IEX v3)EUR 4.00EUR 8.00EUR 20.00EUR 44.00EUR 78.00
Included orders (per month)*5020050015003000

*If the included order limit is reached more orders can be bough. Alternatively the subscription can be upgraded. Learn more.

Modules - Prices valid from January 1st, 2021

Webshop modulesMonthly price
DanDomain ClassicEUR 7.00
DanDomain WebshopEUR 7.00
GoldenPlanetEUR 7.00
MagentoEUR 7.00
Magento 2EUR 7.00
OpenCartEUR 7.00
PrestaShopEUR 7.00
SalectoEUR 7.00
ScanNetEUR 7.00
ShopifyEUR 7.00
ShoporamaEUR 7.00
SmartwebEUR 7.00
WannafindEUR 7.00
WooCommerceEUR 7.00
Accounting modulesMonthly price
Beierholm BeJourEUR 20.00
BillyEUR 3.00
DebitoorEUR 7.00
DineroEUR 3.00
MenetoEUR 3.00
RevisoEUR 7.00
UnicontaEUR 20.00
Visma eAccountingEUR 14.00
Visma e-conomicEUR 7.00
POS modulesMonthly price
DdDEUR 27.00
EasyPOSEUR 14.00
FlexPOSEUR 14.00
ScanPOSEUR 14.00
Warehouse modulesMonthly price
AckroEUR 14.00
Blue Water ShippingEUR 14.00
MilcomEUR 14.00
PostnordEUR 14.00
PrimeCargoEUR 27.00
TMCEUR 14.00
WarehouzeEUR 14.00
Subscription modulesMonthly price
ChargebeeEUR 14.00
ReepayEUR 7.00
Other modulesMonthly price
ClearhausEUR 7.00
NetsEUR 7.00
Mapping moduleEUR 3.00
FTP-modulEUR 7.00
FTP-serviceEUR 7.00
CSV-modulEUR 20.00

Price example

Subscription example:
WooCommerce - Visma e-conomic

The former price for this integration was EUR 25 per month (paid semiannually).

  • The new price for this integration is EUR 32 per month (paid semiannually)
  • On the right is shown how the total package (dotted line) consists of a subscription plan and the connected modules.
  • The unit price of the modules is always monthly. When the subscription is paid semiannually the modules will appear as 6 units. See below.

IEX Standard (500 orders):
EUR 18 per month

EUR 7 per month

Visma e-conomic
EUR 7 per month

Invoice specification

  • The subscription is semiannual, and the VAT has been added (Danish customers only).
  • The modules have a monthly unit price, so they are multiplied by 6 (for semiannual payment).
AntalBeskrivelseTotal (ekskl. moms)Heraf momsTotal (inkl. moms)
1xIEX Standard
(October 22nd 2020 - April 22nd 2021)
EUR 108.00EUR 27.00EUR 135.00
6xWooCommerceEUR 42.00EUR 10.50EUR 52.50
6xVisma e-conomicEUR 42.00EUR 10.50EUR 52.50
Total (VAT excluded)EUR 192.00
VATEUR 48.00
Total (VAT included)EUR 240.00

We're changing to a new subscription platform

Automatic card payments with Reepay

If you’re a customer on IEX version 2, your subscription will be moved to a new platform to handle the subscription renewals (Reepay). Customers on IEX v3 are already on this platform.

This means that when your subscription is first renewed in 2021, you will receive an email, that a new subscription has been created for you. This is your existing subscription that has been created in the new platform with the new price structure.

The email will come from

Payments in Reepay are handled through automatic card payments.

A new payment method will be requested through a secure link.

On the right is shown how the emails from the Reepay platform look.

IEX uses secure payments with Reepay

So this is Christmas...🎄

The office is closed between Christmas and New Year’s Eve, and we are back January 3rd 2022. Don’t worry, our platform will still be online 🙂

We wish all of our customers a merry Christmas and a happy new year!