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IEX is a Microsoft ISV Partner and can provide integration to your Microsoft accounting including Navision, C5 and Axapta etc.

Common to Microsoft accounts is that they can be very different setup and that there is a standard defination in the form of API / documentation or similar, that we can identify a standard solution up against.

The typical current setup is via import / export method where files are sent to an FTP also called file-integration. This is because Microsoft accounts such as Navision does not use webhooks where data is pushed into the ERP system.

File integration and format to the FTP should be covered in more detail with the Microsoft accounting consultant, which we typically spend one hour planing on á 1150, – excl. VAT

Accounting consultant sees to it that Microsoft accounts is setup to retrieve customer, product and order files from the FTP, all the files IEX sends to the FTP from the shop system. Furthermore, accounting consultant sets accounts up to send stock for the FTP, if there is to be inventory. Other data communications is not defined by the below-described flow.

A typical workflow for standard file integration for example. Navision is as follows:

Typically, 1 consultancy hours which together with financial consultant defines an order, customer, product format (csv / xml / .xls), to be set up to Microsoft accounts input format. IEX will be happy to send you documentation for typical file formats.

IEX is an example file for each data type (order / customer / product / warehouse)

IEX will map and test files against file-integration and providing feedback

IEX create a (secure) FTP account with a ‘For accounting’ and ‘From accounts’ folder, and forward logins to the accounting officer

Accounting Consultant testing by setting the accounts up to collect together custom file formats from ‘The folder’

Accounting consultant put the accounts up to send stock balance to ‘From Folder’, as IEX test against shop.

Test and approval of setup for live

IEX transmit login to IEX Dashboard settings, log-area etc.

Typically, the time required for a standard setup of 8-14 hours + IEX Standard (Up to 500 orders/month EUR 30 /month excl. VAT) or Premium subscription (Up to 1.500 orders/month EUR 60 /month excl. VAT) but still depends on the case.

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