Please note that our offices will be closed from December 21st to January 6th for the Christmas holidays. We will only sporadically check mails, but we will handle issues that are critical to the operation of our system.

IEX consists of two integration platforms – version 2 and version 3.


Where should you log in?

– If your user was created before the 13th of May, 2019, use the log in version 2.

– If your user was created after the 13th of May, 2019, your user can be on both platforms depending on your integration. 

Contakt IEX support, if you are in doubt.

Use the chat in the bottom right corner, or call us on 0045 3222 4344. You can also send us an email on

Upgrade for IEX version 3

If your account is on the IEX version 2 platform, you will be contacted in the near future and be offered an upgrade to version 3. This happens as the systems are made available on the new platform.

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