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Is support included?

Yes, you have access to support regarding your IEX subscription, ensuring you an easy setup to your exact needs.

How do I start my IEX subscription?

After your demo expires, simply go to your IEX dashboard and choose a subscription to suit your business.

Can I get backward orders transferred to my accounting system?

Several of our customers want a backward transfer of orders into their accounting system, which is no problem for us. About backwards transfers, you need to know the following:

The orders may malfunction due to e.g.:

  • Products not existing in accounting system
  • No product numbers on order lines
  • Lacking customer data on orders

IEX can not in advance guarantee the time a backward transfer will take but it can normally be resolved within 1 hour of programming á EUR 128. Excl. VAT . IEX will send a list of possible transfer errors. If further investigation is needed it will be done on an hourly basis .

Can I use Shopify POS?

Since orders do not come with all the information required for us to be able to transfer to your ERP, we need to create mappings for your integration.

We need the following:

Name of the customer needed by your ERP.
The customer number in the ERP.
Once we have these, it is possible for us to establish mappings – take note, that this usually take 30 minutes to set up.

Price is EUR 62

IEX integration has the greatest know-how in the field,
with more than 100.000 orders going through IEX each month