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IEX is official Debitoor partner and app developer

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Debitoor is a new accounting program made by the team behind e-conomic. It was launched in September 2014 with great success in european countries like Germany and others. At the moment Debitoor can be found translated to 6 languages in 36 countries.

IEX and e-conomic has a long past of collaboration and we are happy to continue this with Debitoor – as we simply love working with it.

Accounting for everyone

Debitoor is made for freelancers and smaller businesses as they have different needs than big corporations. This makes for more affordable prices.

Fast and flexible API

One of Debitoors advantages is a solid API helping us create faster, more stable and flexible integration solutions.

What shop solutions do we integrate with Debitoor?

The first shop system we have integrated with Debitoor is WooCommerce. See the integration here.

At IEX we are continuously developing new solutions with integration for Magento, Prestashop, Virtuemart, Drupal Commerce, Shopify, Prestashop and others coming down the road.

Exactly when we will be able to deliver these we can’t say yet, but we are open to requests for new Debitoor solutions.

If the need is there we are confident we can create a solution, and you are always welcome to contact us for a chat about the possibilities with your unique setup.


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Connect your webshop and Debitoor and transfer your orders automatically to your accounting system.

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IEX integration has the greatest know-how in the field,
with more than 100.000 orders going through IEX each month