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Integrate Debitoor with your webshop

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Automatic transfer of webshop sales to Debitoor

Webshop integration for Debitoor

With IEX you can connect Debitoor to all the popular e-commerce systems

A much better workflow

With the automatic integration between shop and Debitoor your workflow improves.

Integration with flexibility

If you have need for special rules for the integration or transfer of custom fields to Debitoor it is all possible with IEX

Transfer orders, products and customers between your webshop and accounting system

A fully automatic integration keeps your business in up to date

Connect your webshop to Debitoor to get an automatic transfer of invoices, products and customers in Debitoor. Should you require a special configuration the IEX team can help you with a custom solution to modify the integration to your needs.

Integrate your Debitoor accounting system

We offer integrations to the following webshop systems:




Pricing for Debitoor integrations

Monthly priceSemi-annual billingMonthly billing
Monthly order limit
Transfer webshop orders, products, and customers to the accounting system
Stock synchronization
Email support
Phone and chat support
Monthly order limit
Earlier orders can be imported for an extra cost
Book invoices in the accounting system
Further specifications
Less specifications

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Frequently Asked Questions

The integration has to be set up by IEX technicians. IEX technicians takes care of the full configuration, and run a test before completing. You will be asked to confirm the test results.

The setup price is listed for each webshop in the form above.

After you’ve ordered the integration, an IEX technician will contact you to get the necessary access to configure the integration. The technicians will ask you the specifics to how you want the integration to be configured.

Note that the configuration process will not be started until, we’ve received and confirmed the payment for the configuration.

Immediately after ordering you will receive an invoice for the configuration fee.

You can pay by card or bank transfer.

The subscription will be activated, when the configuration is completed. The subscription is automatically renewed every 6th month.

Note that the configuration process will not be started until, we’ve received and confirmed the payment for the configuration.

Usually it takes 2-4 business to set up the integration, after we’ve received the necessary access to configure the integration, and that the configuration payment has been confirmed.

The IEX technician can confirm the delivery time if asked.

Note that special requests to the configuration can delay the delivery time.

If you have any specific requests to your set up that might be out of the ordinary, feel free to contact IEX to find out whether it is featured out of the box or if it requires additional configuration.

We will let you know if your request adds additional costs to the configuration.

No, unfortunately we cannot offer a free trial, since it requires a configuration by IEX.

Automatic integration to Debitoor

Keep your accounting system up to date with IEX – a flexible and advanced integration platform