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IEX is short for Import – Export to X. The vision is to combine integration across systems. Since 2008 we have delivered integrations with a clear ambition to make life easier for businesses by cutting out unnecessary routines and procedures and free up time, money and human resources.

IEX is a SaaS (Software as a Service) solution that allows you to transfer data between a wide range of online shops, ERP systems, POS and logistics solutions. More than 1000 customers currently use the solution to transfer data and keep their systems up-to-date.

The IEX office is in Albertslund, just next to Copenhagen in Denmark. The IEX team is always ready to discuss your integration needs, do not hesitate to contact us for a solution that matches your needs perfectly.

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Niel Rokkjær

CEO & Co-Founder

Nicolai Jørgensen

CCO, Innovation & Co-Founder

Michal Skogemann

Senior Developer & Technical Manager

Benjamin Jensen

Senior Developer

Jakob Ferdinandsen


Dennis Christensen

Developer & Support

Kim Solberg

1. Support & Developer

Samuel Weiss

1. Support & Developer

Penille Achena

Accounting / HR Manager

Naina Merete Holsve

Business controller


House Dog

CSR - we support

Care for Toys - is a project where children donate their used toys to charity. They collect the toys from children, selling it via the newspaper "Den Blå Avis" and their website (which is under construction) and so goes the benefit to the charitable project the child has chosen. The project is part of a larger initiative, Caring Children. Overall, it's about giving our kids some good values and skills during their childhood.

Caring Children is an initiative which aims to develop children's pro-social skills such as compassion, empathy and cooperation.

Caring Children wants to achieve its goals by inspiring and give the children the opportunity to train their 'pro-social muscles' and become social competent children by involving them directly, or through activities targeting their parents and kindergartens.

[email protected]

Danish School Chess is a voluntary social and organizations working with children and youth organization (founded 1960). The organization is based on the idea that chess strengthens children and young people's academic and social development, which helps to a life of learning and education. Danish School Chess advises municipalities, schools, teachers and students in using School Chess.

Today, more than 30,000 children and young people at 450+ schools in over 90 municipalities are participating in School Chess.

"Chess teaches kids to think and wait for others to think. They learn concentration, independence and analytical skills. Skills that can be used both in school and later in life. "

Mads Jacobsen, Secretary General, Danish School Chess

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